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Different views of the factory beginning in 1880 with W.T. Falconer Manufacturing and leading up to American Manufacturing Co. in 1916.

The building that is home to Fancher Chair Company has manufactured a variety of materials over the years. The first business to be built on the property that is currently Fancher Chair was constructed in 1807. Edward Work, an attorney from Meadville, Pennsylvania purchased over 1000 acres from the Holland Land Company in the town of Worksburg, New York. On this property, Work built a log house near the Chadakoin River. In 1808, sawmills were built and put into operation shortly afterwards. Two-inch planks were the first products of the mill. A gristmill was added beside the sawmill in 1809. Work sold his property in 1836 to Robert Falconer, a Scottish immigrant who settled in Sugar Grove, Pennsylvania. In 1840, Falconer’s son, Patrick, bought the property and a great deal of other land in and around Worksburg. In the late 1860s Falconer began manufacturing beekeeping supplies. In 1874, the name of the town of Worksburg was changed to Falconer. Patrick Falconer’s son, William, bought his sawmill and beekeeping business in January 1880. William also added sash door and trim work to the business.

William operated the business on his own until he became associated with D.E. Merrill, whom he then began a partnership with using the name American Manufacturing Concern (AMC). AMC made a variety of products including thermometers, washing machines, and toys and involved the W.T. Manufacturing Company which kept its original trade name. In 1910, AMC was incorporated with W.T. Falconer elected President, the office which he held until his death in 1915. Although the original products continued to be manufactured, American Manufacturing Concern added several goods to its product line. Living room tables were manufactured from 1930 to 1977; bedroom furniture was made from 1949 to 1960; and toys were continued in the line until 1968. In 1977, AMC began producing chairs, mainly Queen Anne and Chippendale styles.

After 137 years in one family, ownership changed in 1973. James Tilliotson III served as president until 1975, when the Erickson family bought the business. The Fancher name came from Albert T. Fancher, the first president of the Fancher Furniture Company organized in Salamanca, NY in 1911. The Erickson family first became involved with the company in 1939. Fancher bought American Manufacturing Concern in 1976. Under the leadership of C. Leonard Erickson, the name of the Falconer plant was formally changed to Fancher Chair on January 11, 1979. Erickson’s son, Brian, took over for one year in 1983. Brian was succeeded the following year by his brother, Bruce, who continued as president until December 2009 at which time the company was sold to its current owner, Gary Henry Jr. From the roots of a small sawmill to the bustling furniture factory it is today, Fancher Chair has been a mainstay in the Falconer community for many years.

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Exterior shot of the fatory in 2007.

Sign for the small park located right next to Fancher.
The sign shows an older picture of the factory layout.

Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library
Employees of W.T. Falconer manufacturing taken
outside the factory in 1897.

Delray Beach Public Library
Employee photo in 2007.

Toys made for American Manufacturing in the 1940s.

W.T. Falconer brochure circa 1905.

Prior owner of the company, Bruce Erickson.

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