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Fancher Chair is one of the country’s oldest manufacturing companies with production dating to 1807. The company is a 125,000 square foot wood working facility with about 125 employees. We are located in Western NY with excellent access to all the major hardwood species and competitive shipping to most metropolitan areas. We are a privately held company with a family atmosphere. Fancher has specialized in the construction of residential dining chairs, office chairs and specialty seating for libraries.

We have produced chairs for the many of the most well-known furniture companies in the United States. Styles that we have produced include Queen Anne, Chippendale, and Mission. Fancher Chair is also pleased to relate that several of the products manufactured by our company are LEED certified. We have a number of initiatives in place in environmental efforts. Goals include the reduction of reliance on fossil fuels, utilizing lower VOC or HAPS finishes, increasing our use of certified harvested woods, and waste reduction including energy, water and raw materials.

Examples of some of the initiatives currently underway at Fancher are listed below:

Finish – Fancher Chair finishes meet and exceed the “Greenguard” standards for finish. As of Sept. of 2008 we have begun product development for a water based top coat system. We are currently implementing this system. This will reduce our HAPS and VOC’s significantly.

Packaging – Fancher Chair uses recycled corrugated materials whenever possible. We also encourage our customers to ship their products uncartoned whenever practical. This saves the customer packaging cost as well as keeps the used cartons out of the waste stream.

Raw Materials – Fancher Chair has “FSC” certification for “Chain of Custody” for projects this certification is required. Fancher Chair, for the most part, uses lumber from forests that are SFI certified or PEFC certified.

Waste Stream Reduction – The sawdust generated at Fancher Chair is used for livestock bedding. The solid wood waste is used for heat and cooking in the Amish community. Our waste corrugated materials are collected and recycled.


Our company and its employees are proud to still be manufacturing products in the United States, which we have done for
over 200 years. What else are we doing?

We are currently researching utilizing our wood waste for comfort heat in the plant.

We are converting our lighting system to the T8 fluorescent lights to cut our energy usage.

Whenever possible we are converting our electric motors to the new solid state energy efficient electric motors.

We actively participate in the Energy Curtailment Program.


Types of chairs we produce include Residential Dining, Hospital, Contract & Office and Library & Institutional.

Fancher Chair
P.O. Box 8
Falconer, NY 14733

Phone: 716-665-4313
Fax: 716-665-5168

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